Weekend Weather Update

Courtesy of RJ Obrien

Sunday Night Weather Produced by: John Dee

April 16, 2017

Southern US Plains – Winter WheatRains of .50-1”, isolated to 1”+, fell across the eastern 3/4ths of KS, OK and TX over the weekend and temps were well above average, with highs in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s and 60’s. ►Forecast – More rains look to feed developing crops in this region, with favorable temps. Rains of .30-.80”+ will fall in the eastern ½ of KS, OK and TX Sunday/Monday of this week, with things quiet through the day on Thursday. The next system will then bring rains of .50-1.5”+ to most areas by Thursday night into Friday and Saturday. The first half of next week then sees dry weather to return to all areas. ►Temps will run average to above for most of this week, with a shot of below average temps for Friday and the weekend and then average to above for next week. No cold air threats are seen with the below average temps Friday and this weekend.

Midwest US – Corn/Soybeans – Rains of .50-1.5”, isolate to 1.5”+, fell across most areas NW of a line from Kansas City to Detroit, with things mainly dry to the SE of that line. Temps ran above average, with highs in the 70’s and 80’s and lows in the 40’s and 50’s. ►Forecast – The pattern will continue to provide above average precip that will continue to hamper spring fieldwork across the region in the next 10 days. Waves of rain will work through the region this week bringing totals of .50-1”, with areas of 1”+, and coverage of around 85-95%. More rains are seen for the 6-10 day period, with the activity currently indicated to favor areas SE of a line from Omaha-Green Bay with totals of 1-2”, isolated to 2”+. NW of that line, totals look to be in the .25-.75” range, isolated to 1”+. ►Temps will run near average for most of this week and then cool to below average for the very end of the week, the weekend and first half of next week. No cold air threats are seen.

Delta – Soybeans – Things were dry across the Delta over the weekend, with temps running in the 80’s for highs and 50’s/60’s for lows. ►Forecast – An ok forecast for spring fieldwork in the region the next 10 days. Rains of .25-.75”, isolated to 1”+, will fall in the Delta Monday/Tuesday of this week, with things fairly quiet for the rest of the work week and Saturday. A front is then indicated to bring rains of generally less than .50” to the region by Sun-Mon of next week.

South America – Corn and Soybeans – Dry weather dominated the majority of the Argentine and Brazilian growing regions over the weekend, with rains of .25-1”+ falling in Santa Catarina and Parana. ►Forecast – Dry weather will continue to favor harvest in Argentina for the next week to ten days. Things will also be mainly dry in the Brazilian growing regions for the first half of this week and then rains of 1-2” look to impact all but Minas Gerais and Goias the second half of this week, with more moderate to heavy rains seen for the same areas of Brazil this weekend and early next week.