Coronavirus Update – Palmetto Grain Brokerage

Pinnacle Customers,

It has come to our attention that someone in our office has tested positive for COVID-19. With today’s news from one of our employees we will be running a split office with some working from home and some here in the office. Our phone system is portable so it allows us the flexibility of working remotely and gives you the ability to reach us with the same 5 ways you do now:

1. Calling the main office # (listed below)
2. Calling our direct office # (listed below)
3. Calling our cell directly (listed below)
4. Texting us directly
5. Emailing us directly

We ask for your patience and understanding during this time, but with today’s technology we have access to everything whether we are remote or in the office. If you call one of us on our direct line or cell please be patient as there is a good likelihood that we may be talking to another customer. Please know we will return your call in the order we receive. Also, if you find yourself speaking with someone you normally don’t speak with please be as detailed as possible so they can pass us the message and we can help you the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Main Office # 800-845-9563
Brenton: 843-247-6276 (Cell), 843-547-2980 (Direct)
Chellie: 843-298-0972 (Cell), 843-547-4836 (Direct)
John: 843-307-5007 (Cell), 843-547-0109 (Direct)
Sidney: 843-509-0987 (Cell)
Edgar: 843-200-4350 (Cell)
Collan: 843-422-5736 (Cell), 843-547-3010 (Direct)
Gib: 843-592-0206 (Cell) – For Futures & Options Orders – Call Cell or Main Office #
Hunter: 803-664-2073 (Cell) – For Futures & Options Orders – Call Cell or Main Office #

Please know we are here to serve you and are very appreciative for your business.


Your Pinnacle Marketing Team