2021 Pinnacle Enrollment – SC

We enter the 2021 crop season with more optimism and opportunity than we have had in quite some time. Not only for the ’21 crop year but for ’22 as well. My experience over the last 21 years at Palmetto Grain tells me these opportunities need to be met with a marketing plan and a commitment to execute that plan. Although these prices we are seeing across the board feel endless, experience tells us they tend to have a short shelf life, and are fewer and farther between. Here is to all of you rewarding these rallies and maximizing your basis. Likewise, I pray you are all blessed with an outstanding growing season and tremendous production.

I also want to let you know our team to serve you is growing as along with Chellie Amagliani who has worked with me for 13 years, we also have Sidney Kizer entering her 3rd year with us focusing all of her time with our team. We are committed to giving you a great customer service experience. Our goal is simple: share transparent information with you on what is trading in the market so you can maximize your cash sales. We work for you and consider ourselves an extension of your operation. We do not wear a company hat to scalp your bids .10-.15c per bushel to make a margin. We are going to communicate with you exactly what is trading in the market. We hope you look at us as an extension of your operation as well – someone you can bounce ideas off and let us know what you are being bid by others in the market. We are always going to treat your crop like it was ours and if you receive a better bid from somebody else we are going to tell you to sell that bid around us. I hope that means as much to you as it does to us, as that is the type of partnership we want to create. In our opinion with transparent sharing of information between us, we can create a powerful team that will be awfully hard to beat.

There is strength in numbers. A buyer for a feed mill or a trader trying to make .10-.15c margin wants to isolate you and make you feel like you don’t have other options. Let us be resolved to work closer, communicate more and stay closely connected. I pray your 2021 year is the best you have had in years and 2022 is even better.

Your Pinnacle membership is what Chellie, Sidney and I work for. We don’t take it for granted, and we are truly thankful for your support. It means everything to us and we have kept the cost very low. Please take a minute to complete your estimated acres for 2021 by April 2, 2021.

You can complete this by 1 of 3 ways:
1) Enroll electronically by clicking HERE
2) Print the form available HERE, fill out your estimated acres and email to chellie@palmettograin.com or fax to 866-514-3968
3) Call us at 800-845-9563 and give Sidney, Chellie or me your acres over the phone

Again, thank you for your business and support! We look forward to working with you in the coming year and the years to come.

Brenton, Chellie and Sidney