A “Thank You” from Sidney

Pinnacle members,

I wanted to let you know this past Friday, July 9 was Sidney Kizer’s last day with us here in the office. Sidney has decided to pursue her Master’s in Speech Pathology to work with young children. We will definitely miss her as she brought a great attitude to work everyday, loved working with each of you and was very creative in how professionally she presented our communications to you. Chellie and I will certainly miss Sidney but could not be more excited for her and this new chapter in her life. There is no doubt Sidney will have a profound impact on the children she will be working with in the future. In the meantime Sidney will continue to have a hand in making sure our communications to you and their presentations don’t skip a beat by working remotely while we figure out a permanent solution. In the meantime, please join Chellie and me in thanking Sidney for all the great work she has done and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Brenton Bozard

Goodbye and Thank You from Sidney:

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with each of you on a daily basis. I cannot imagine a more rewarding career and opportunity than Palmetto Grain has offered me over the past three years.

After a lot of prayer and reflection I have decided to make a career change and will be returning to school to pursue my Master’s degree in Speech Pathology beginning in August. It is my goal to work with young children in need of speech therapy.

I will always value the friendships I have developed with each of you, and will always be an advocate for you and the services the agricultural industry provides.

Best wishes to all of you, and thanks again for the many great memories I will be taking with me.

Sidney Kizer